Nichigetsu Museum displays ceramics from Japan as well as other countries on the theme of traditional Japanese tableware. Since traditional Japanese ceramics has had various influences from the continent of China and the Korean peninsula, we designed our exhibitions to promote the understanding of the difference between Japan and other countries, and their transitions.

Though records show there were more than 2000 local kilns throughout Japan in the past, not even a trace of most of the local pottery factories exists today. We would like to show you a part of Japanese eating habits in the old days through ceramics that were once used in various places and times, some of which are not used now. 

We hope our exhibitions would be some help to you to think about the present food culture more by enjoying the elegance of the exhibitions and knowing the eating habits in the past.

We would be pleased if you spend a peaceful moment at this small private museum.

Nichigetsu Museum
Director Yoshio Motegi